Air Cargo World, an award-winning publication with over 75 years’ industry experience, aims to provide air logistics professionals with insightful information by way of data analysis, feature articles, and in-depth coverage of events and trends affecting their business and the airfreight logistics industry.

Published in the United States, Air Cargo World is an air logistics magazine and is edited for shippers and others involved with the worldwide transport and delivery of perishables and manufactured goods. Its readership consists of logistics professionals, airline and airport executives, freight forwarders, importers, exporters, and others who manage or purchase transportation products and services within the airfreight supply chain.

Since being founded in 1942, Air Cargo World is the world’s first air cargo magazine to maintain unbroken publishing for three-quarters of a century, establishing it as the leading source for air logistics news for 75 years. Today, with more than 23,000 subscribers located in 184 countries, Air Cargo World maintains the largest circulation of any magazine in the air cargo category.

Air Cargo World publishes some of the highest-quality writing in the logistics industry. In December 2015, Editor Randy Woods won the Seahorse Club Air Cargo Journalist of the Year award for his February 2015 article on the rise of cargo operations at Ethiopian Airlines.

The magazine also presents the annual Air Cargo Excellence (ACE) Awards, as well as the Air Cargo Executive of the Year award.

Air Cargo World maintains this website with daily news items about developments in the air cargo industry. It publishes The Alert, which recounts major news and is emailed to more than 20,000 subscribers throughout the world.

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